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This cool magic lets you turn a Credit Card into a pair of stylish Sunglasses in seconds.


It’s super easy to use, so anyone can do it and look cool. It’s great for social media and live shows, making it a hit wherever you go.

Carry it with you every day and be ready to impress your friends with a fun trick that’s also a great fashion statement.

Plus, there’s no cleanup needed after you finish the trick. I’ve spent 2 years developing this to make it perfect for everyone!


⚡️ Instant Transformation: Effortlessly converts Credit Card into Stylish Sunglasses in just seconds, offering a surprising change.


😊 Easy to Perform: Designed for simplicity, making it accessible and performable by anyone, regardless of their magic skill level.


💡 Ideal for Social Sharing: Perfect for capturing and sharing on social media or performing live, adding a fun and engaging element to your content or shows.


🧼 No Cleanup Required: Once the trick is done, there’s no mess or fuss to worry about, making it hassle-free.


🕶 Fashionable and Practical: Not only is it a cool magic trick, but it also serves as a fashionable accessory, merging entertainment with style in a visually striking way.


🧩 No DIY, Self-Contained Gimmick Included: Everything needed for the trick comes ready out of the box, with no assembly required, making it even easier to get started.


🖐 Gimmick Without E.T.: The gimmick is designed without the use of E.T. ensuring durability and a strong performance every time.


“Jeki is a master of social media magic. He creates memorable, stunning & magical visuals.

I Predict SLEEK will be one of his most popular social media magic releases!”


- Jeff McBride (Creator of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School)


“Another wonderful creation from the wonderfully creative Jeki Yoo.”

- Charlie Frye



Each gimmick is meticulously handmade with love to ensure the highest quality.



    • Stylish Sunglasses
    • Compact Self-contained Gimmick
    • Tutorial instruction with Jeki Yoo


    3. We are not responsible for any damage or loss during shipment.

    4. If there are any problems with the product or missing items, please contact us within 7 days.

    5. The buyer[Customer] is all responsible for the use of the product.

    6. We sell secrets of magic, you need to understand that we cannot provide detailed photos, videos, and more about the product in advance.

    7. You(Customer) agree that the product can be sold at a discount, on a variety of platforms, at the discretion of the owner.

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