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This is one of my favorite routines called 'Ringlasses'!


Many years ago, I wanted to make my own version of the Close-up Ring routine.

At the time, I thought of using a ring I was wearing, and at some point, I wanted to connect this ring inside the linking ring. 

So I started making some connection moves and then the routines started to form. 

But I didn't have anything to finish with a climax. But one day, I found lens-free glasses, called fashion glasses, which were once in fashion in Korea. 

At that moment, I thought, what if that glasses were connected? So I could use it to make the final climax!


It's one of my favorite routines, and when the ring or glasses are connected at some point, the audience really loves it.

I’m happy to share it with you. 



This is a Digital Product. So you need to provide these yourself.

Linking ring set, Glasses without lenses, 2 Rings (2 size bigger than your actual size), White Thick paper or Double Blank Card.


*** This is a digital product (TUTORIAL VIDEO) ***

Once you purchase this, you will receive links to download the PDF in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. 

* The PDF shows you a link to watch the tutorial (Streaming Only)

RINGlasses by Jeki Yoo

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