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The catchphrase we all love is now a deck of cards!  

It’s my Kickstarter Project. The project was fully funded and I sell the rest of them on my website exclusively. 

It’s a limited print run, it will be gone forever! Grabs your before they are gone :)


Key Features

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock (Blue Back Only) 
  • Traditionally Cut
  • Standard Faces
  • Identical Jokers
  • Blank Card and Double Backer Gaffs
  • Limited Print Run (starting with 1,000 but depending on the demand for these decks, I may print a higher run. If I do, I will let you all know the final quantity, but I will only do one printing)



I love the simple, minimal designs that are popular in the card community. I wanted to make my deck in a similar way, so I decided to do a solid-colored back design with my "OH MY" catchphrase on either end of the card. 



To stay in line with simplicity, I decided to use standard faces for this deck. I believe standard faces is best because the cards are easily recognized by spectators and it allows you to use this deck to hide stranger cards in a normal Bicycle Deck. The Ace of Spades is also very simple and clean. 



The deck has two identical Jokers that say "OH MY" down the middle, allowing you to easily use them for your magic routines. 



Since I am a magician, I wanted the two extra cards in the deck to be two gaff cards I use a lot and that I know a lot of other magicians can get a lot of use out of. The gaff cards I chose to include are: a Double Backer and a Blank Card. 



The tuck box is my favorite part of this deck! The front of the box will have an "OH MY" text that wraps onto the sides of the box. This allows you to stack two tucks on top of each other or place them side-by-side, and it will complete the text. 


Thank you so much to all 199 backers who supported this project and brought me to make my own deck! I really could not make this happen without all of your help.

And thank you to Salomon (@playingcards4life) from Salomanda Playing Cards (@salomanda_playingcards) for helping with the design of this deck. 


OH MY CARDS [Blue Back]

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