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JSHIRT [Color-Changing T-Shirt Effect]

J-SHIRT is a Visual color-changing T-shirt effect that I have been performing in my show for over 10 years!! I believe this is my ultimate solution for a color-changing T-shirt effect, once you learn the deceptive and practical secret you will absolutely love to perform J-SHIRT!!


It’s always been important for me to create a unique and visual opener that packs small and plays big, I also have much love the art of quick change magic, So with my experience and passion I’ve created my very own unique method. With over a decade of development, I’m finally ready to share J-SHIRT with all of you!!


What’s Included?

1 x Shirt Gimmick  (The gimmick is Free-size, it covers XS to XL size)

1 x Black Cloth

20 Minute tutorial with Jeki Yoo


Two colors are available (Black/Gray) 

*You need to provide your own shirt and jacket.


One of my favorite things about this effect is that once you’ve executed the change you end up completely clean. The angles are great, Perform this almost anywhere and it Resets in just 1 minute! 


It’s great for both Live Performance and Social Media as I’ve entertained countless audiences around the world with J-SHIRT and Now you can too! 


Your clients will love this memorable and striking visual and I’m confident this will become one of your New favorite effects to perform for years to come.. OH MY!


* Easy to do

* Great for Live and Virtual Shows

* End Clean

* Packs small, Plays big

* Very Visual but Practical

* Great for Opener/ Ending

* Reset 1 min


[This trick was inspired by Kazu Katayama’s Blend Silk Effect. Kazu's Blend Silk effect is so powerful and the method is fantastic. Thank Kazu san for allowing me to make this]




  • What’s the size of the gimmick shirt? 

     The gimmick is One size, it fits all (from XS to XL size)

     If you wear XS, S, M, L, or XL, this gimmick works for you.


  • What's the difference between a Black and Gray Gimmick Set? 
    If you choose Black, you will receive the black shirt gimmick.
    If you choose Gray, you will receive the gray shirt gimmick. The rest of them are the same.
  • What should I prepare for this magic?
    You need to provide your own shirt, jacket, and pants.
    There's no special setting in your shirt and body.
    Choose a color for the gimmick shirt. Black or Gray!
    Then you should prepare a different color of the shirt that contrasts well. 

  • What is the best situation for this magic?
    If you use this for stage or parlor performance as an opener, that would be perfect.
    And this is good for your Social Media video as well.

JSHIRT [Color-Changing T-Shirt Effect]

Gimmick Set
  • 1 x Shirt Gimmick  (The gimmick is One size fits All)
                                          (One Size fits all (Range: Xs to XL)

    1 x Black Cloth

    1 x Black Leather Case

    20 Minute tutorial with Jeki Yoo



    3. We are not responsible for any damage or loss during shipment.

    4. If there are any problems with the product or missing items, please contact us within 7 days.

    5. The buyer[Customer] is all responsible for the use of the product.

    6. We sell secrets of magic, you need to understand that we cannot provide detailed photos, videos, and more about the product in advance.

    7. You(Customer) agree that the product can be sold at a discount, on a variety of platforms, at the discretion of the owner.

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