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C.G. Bag

I’m proud to introduce my new Tutorial called ‘C.G. Bag ‘


This is my take on Visual change by Cliff Green.

Visual Change is a technique, that you can change the card while doing the back palm and re-grip. It’s a beautiful sleight of hand.


*Visual Technique

*No Gimmick 

*Great for Video and Live Performance


*Can be done impromptu


I practiced this for many years, but it was difficult to perform in close-up situations.

So I’ve modified the handling and made a routine with the deck of cards.

But it was still difficult to cover the angle, and also there were many flashes.

Then I picked up the Clear-bag,  I could solve many problems (Angle, Clean up, Handling, etc)


That’s how I made this routine. This is a very visual effect, you only need a normal deck and a clear bag.



Cliff Green's Visual Change - Dai Vernon's Book - Inner Secrets of Card Magic

C.G. Bag

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