International Award Winner and Performer


After winning Asia's greatest magic contest, The Busan International Magic Festival, in 2006 as a high school student, Jeki began winning international contests like a comet. His magic was innovative, inspired other magicians, and roused applause from audiences around the globe with its fresh originality.

In 2009, Jeki won a close-up magic award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world’s largest organization of magicians. 

Since then, Jeki and his magic have wowed audiences in England, France, Sweden, Italy, Japan, China, and many other countries including Scotland where, as a member of SNAP, one of Korea’s biggest magic shows, he was invited to perform at the famed Edinburgh Festival. 

 Jeki has also graced the stage of the incredibly popular hit show America’s Got Talent.  Over 13 million people watched him perform his own unique style of close-up magic before an impressed panel of celebrity judges.  Even the infamous Simon Cowell was left stunned by what he had just witnessed.  Though Jeki didn’t continue on in the competition, he left the stage having won the hearts of a nation. “Love your laugh”, “(F)reaking awesome”, “I love his giggle”, and “Jeki is so cool” are just a few of the comments that hit social media afterward. 

Not only was Jeki able to leave with his head held high, but, he also left crowned with the title “cutest magician of all time” (courtesy of America’s Got Talent by way of Twitter).

Jeki Yoo

Magician / Quick Change Artist /

Age: 31

Born in Busan, South Korea














FISM Card Magic 3rd Prize -
Jeki Received the 3rd prize at the Card Magic in FISM 2012 , Photo by Sandy Chang
(FISM is an Olympics of magic)
Grand Prix in FISM Asia, Hongkong
Jeki received the highest prize in FISM ASIA
IBM first place
Jeki got a first prize in the World famous magic convention in IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians), Nashville, Tennessee.
Swiss first place
jeki got a highest award in Grenchen, Switzerland 2013 with $10,000
FFFF, Bachelor of Magic Diploma
Jeki received the Bachelor of Magic Diploma from the Original Close-up Magic Convention in Batavia, NY
Swiss magic Grenchen gold
Gold hands awards in SWISS Magic Grenchen
Swiss magic grenchen
3rd Prize winner in China 2012
Jeki competed the world masters of magic and received 3rd prize award.
Grand Prix in FISM ASIA
Jeki got a grand prix in FISM ASIA, Hongkong
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Korea’s Dynamic Duo of Magic


In 2012, Jeki teamed up with fellow elite magician Ellie K. Park and conquered international magic contests.


The popular pair performs their own unique ‘Quick Change’ act where they change outfits in a blink of an eye - right before the audience’s eyes! 


After working together for a year, Jeki and Ellie made an appearance on SBS’ Starking, a famous Korean TV show.  They performed their ‘Quick Change’ act for 20 minutes!  Jeki and Ellie’s act not only scored high ratings for Starking, but also heated up the internet; making them even more widely known!

Britain's Got Talent 2018
Guest Performance - in Israel
Israel's got talent - Guest performance in 2018
France TV show
Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde in 2016
China Guinness Nights 2016
China Guinness Nights 2016
Guinness Medal
World Guinness Record Holder - We changed 9 clothes in 30 seconds.
guinness Certificate
Performance team Snap
We joined the world famous magic performance group 'SNAP
in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016
The Scotsman
The Scotsman in Edinburgh. The woman magician Ellie
Swiss newspaper in 2013
Ellie performed her 'Carmen themed act' as a guest performer in 2013 , Grenchen, Swiss
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Current Status


Currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Jeki continues amazing audiences with his uniquely delightful style of magic. 


Jeki Yoo is available to perform at your club, corporate function, or other special event.  If you would like to book the “cutest magician of all time”, please fill out the contact form here.