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by Jeki yoo

Shade Tutorial Full (32 mins long)

Keep the gimmick away from any electronic devices. (Magnets Safety Warning)

When you customize, fix the gimmick, please use tools safely (Needle, Bradawl, scissor, etc) 

* Under the age of 10 need parental guidance.

Tutorial Video Divided into Chapters. Check it below

1 Introduction And Overview

2 Main Handling

3 Main Handling w/ Wallet Case

4 Advanced Handling

5 One Hand Version

6 The Routine

Preparation: A Coin, Handkerchief 30 inches, $100, Your Wallet

7 How To Customize the Gimmick

Preparation: Scissor, Needle, Bradawl, Cutting Board

8 How To Sew Elastic Thread

Preparation: Scissor, Needle, Bradawl, Cutting Board

9 Final Words

10 Jeki's Performance Video 

Shade was inspired by Watch This by Rex Kim. 
Thank you Rex for your blessing and endorsement on this project! 
And thanks a lot, Nicholas Lawrence, your knowledge and ideas!

Have questions? E-mail :

Thanks so much!

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